Date:13 Apr, 2016


TIGRIS (Toward Integration of e-tools in GRid Infrastructure for e-aSsyriology) http://www.afs.enea.it/project/tigris/BrochureTIGRIS.pdf

e-Humanities Virtual Lab of Digital Assyriology for the preservation and Open Access  sharing and re-use of tangible and intangible Knowledge from Ancient Mesopotamia.

TIGRIS hosts :

  • e-texts (transliterations, translations, lemmatized texts) from text collections in cuneiform writing, transliterated into latin alphabet; reconstruction of texts with text grammatical or semantic categorization, etc.;
  • language e-resources: vocabularies extracted from text corpora, list of terms, frequencies, kwic concordances, lexical/semantic data also to be used as raw data in the Linked Open Data landscape,  etc. ;
  • data mining and text clustering algorithm (ASTEC – ASsyriology TExt Clustering) supporting scholars in their assyriological studies in data mining tasks.

TIGRIS is a collaborative, digital environment and adopts a crowdsourcing approach for the integration of e-texts and language e- resources (grammatical and semantic tagging) within the assyriological community.

TIGRIS gives Open Access to the text collection (transliterations, translations) and language e-resources of:

  • the “Nuzi-e.DUB.SAR” Project – http://www.afs.enea.it/project/tigris/project1.php
  • and of the “Eshnunna” Project –  http://www.afs.enea.it/project/tigris/project2b.php
  • The implementation of a collection of 800 texts is forthcoming (to be published in TIGRIS in April 2015).