Bandi Chiusi

Bando: Support for European cooperation projects related to the European Year of cultural Heritage 2018
Data di apertura: 12/09/17 Data di Chiusura: 22/11/17
Programma: CREATIVE EUROPE Topic: EACEA35/2017
Tipologia: European Cooperation Programme Modello: single-stage
Ambito:  The mai objective of the call is to encourage sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource, to raise awareness of common history and values; to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space.
In particular, the cooperation projects should aim to:

  • Reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space;
  • Promote cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for contemporary creation and innovation and strengthen the interaction between the cultural heritage sector and other cultural and creative sectors.

Call for Proposal
EACEA call notice

Bando: Access to digital resources of European heritage – Europeana28novembre17
Data di apertura: 28/06/17 Data di Chiusura: 28/11/17
Funding rate: up to 75% of the total eligible cost Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Under the Generic Services, user-oriented projects will be supported with the objective to provide tools for end-users to list personal favourites, share discoveries on social media, upload personal memorabilia, enrich descriptions (crowd-sourcing) and possibly realise concrete examples of re-use of the material accessible through Europeana in other sectors, in particular research, education, creative industries or tourism.
Proposals need to demonstrate a European dimension, through the overarching theme, the targeted audience and/or the participating organisations or the increase in the crossborder use of cultural material by third parties.
The call is open to all kind of organisations and has an overall budget of euro 2 million.
Programme page

Bando: Joint Call on Heritage in Changing Environments
Data di apertura: 04/09/17 Data di Chiusura: 30/11/2017
Programma: JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change
Tipologia: Joint call
AmbitoThe Heritage call will supportwell-defined, transnational, interdisciplinary and collaborative research and development projects that maximise the value and impact of research outcomes by promoting the Exchange with policy makers, businesses and commercial enterprises, the broader Heritage sector, voluntary and community groups and the general public.
A project proposal must comprise of at least three research teams, each based in an eligible institution in a different country participating inthe Heritage in Changing Environments Call.
The countries participating in this call are: Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Poland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.
The call will include three main topics:


JPI call Page

Bando: Innovative Training Networks

Data di apertura: 12/10/17 Data di Chiusura: 17/01/2018
Programma: MSCA Topic: MSCA-ITN-2018
Types of Action: MSCA-ITN-EID European Industrial Doctorates , MSCA-ITN-EJD European Joint Doctorates , MSCA-ITN-ETN European Training Networks Modello: single-stage
Ambito: The Innovative Training Networks (ITN) aim to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit. ITN supports competitively selected joint research training and/or doctoral programmes, implemented by partnerships of universities, research institutions, research infrastructures, businesses, SMEs, and other socio-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Support for European cooperation projects 2018
Data di apertura: 12/09/17 Data di Chiusura: 18/01/2018
Topic: EACEA32/2017
Tipologia: European Cooperation Programme  Modello: single-stage
Ambito: The priorities of the support for European cooperation projects are:

– Promote the transnational mobility of artists and professionals with a view to enabling them to cooperate internationally and to internationalize their careers;

– Strengthen audience development as a means of improving access to European cultural and creative works and tangible and intangible cultural heritage and extend access to cultural works to under represented groups.
– Foster capacity building through innovative approaches to creation, develop and test new and innovative models of revenue, management and marketing for the cultural sectors, in particular as regards the digital shift, and developing
new skills for cultural professionals.
– Enhance intercultural dialogue, promote shar ed EU values and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures, thereby contributing to the social integration of migrants and refugees.
It is possible to apply either:
– for small scale cooperation projects (Category 1), the EU grant requested is no more than EUR 200 000 representing maximum 60% of the total eligible costs;
furthermore, the projects under category 1 shall involve a project leader and at least two other partners having their legal seat in at least three different countries taking
part in the Creative Europe Culture Subprogramme.
– for large scale cooperation projects (Category 2), the EU grant requested is no m ore than EUR 2.000.000 representing maximum 50% of the total eligible costs;
furthermore, the projects under category 2 shall involve a project leader and at least five other partners.

Bando: ERC – Consolidator Grant
Data di apertura: 24/10/16 Data di Chiusura:  15/02/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: ERC-2018-COG
Tipologia: ERC-COG Consolidator Grant Modello: single stage
Ambito: ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they may still be consolidating their own independent research team or programme. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal.
Consolidator Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 2 000 000 for a period of 5 years. The Principal Investigator shall have been awarded their first PhD over 7 and up to 12 years prior to 1 January 2018. Applicant Principal Investigators should also be able to demonstrate a promising track record of early achievements appropriate to their research field and career stage, including significant publications (as main author) in the leading international peer-reviewed journals of their respective field. They may also demonstrate a record of invited presentations in well-established international conferences, granted patents, awards, prizes etc.

Bando: Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services
Data di apertura: 07/11/17 Data di Chiusura:  13/03/18
Programma: Societal Challenges Topic: DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single stage
Ambito: The challenge is to assess the potential benefits and risks of using disruptive technologies in public administrations as well as the social impact, including the impact on public servants, of using them for government processes and governance (e.g. for registers, for archiving, for decision-making processes, etc.).
Proposals should pilot the technology and should engage multidisciplinary partners, stakeholders and users to examine how emerging technologies can impact the public sector (including the impact on public servants and the relation between public services and citizens) and explore in a wide-ranging fashion the issues surrounding the use of these technologies in the public sector.
Proposals should also lead to the development of business plans that would ensure the long-term sustainability of the services offered based on the used technology.
Participant Portal

Bando: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation
Data di apertura: 07/11/17 Data di Chiusura:  13/03/18
Programma: Societal Challenges Topic: DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020
Tipologia: IA Innovation action Modello: single stage
Ambito: With heritage being both tangible and intangible, the challenge is to design solutions for generating a comprehensive picture of the studied assets, capturing and re-creating not only visual and structural information, but also stories and experiences together with their cultural, historical and social context and their evolution over time.
Proposals under this action should address the curation and preservation of digital assets. They should provide new technologies and methods that enable, among others, richer experiences, storytelling and the linking of physically separated objects and sites, and tangible and intangible heritage. It should pay attention to the emergence of more dynamic and personalised digital resources which pose new issues in terms of curation and preservation.
Participant Portal

Bando: Social platform on endangered cultural heritage and on illicit trafficking of cultural goods
Data di apertura: 07/11/17 Data di Chiusura:  13/03/18
Programma: Societal Challenges Topic: SU-TRANSFORMATIONS-09-2018
Tipologia: CSA Coordination and support action Modello: single stage
Ambito: Initiatives to protect endangered cultural heritage and to stop their illicit trade are multiplying, with international bodies, the EU, national governments and other institutions developing useful, though mainly uncoordinated, initiatives. The challenge is to take stock of ongoing initiatives, promote mutual learning and coordination, and identify knowledge and intervention gaps.
The platform should bring together the research community, public and private actors, and policy makers at national and international levels working on issues related to the illicit trafficking of cultural goods and on the protection, preservation or reconstruction of cultural heritage in danger. Traffic routes, provenance research (including satellite imagery), economic aspects (including links to terrorism), heritage memory preservation (including safe heavens and 3D reconstruction), return and restitution, and other responses such as legislation, training, and awareness raising programmes for specialised communities (art curators, galleries, collectors and dealers) and the general public should be considered. The platform should map past and ongoing research, collect, analyse and promote best practices from Europe and beyond, and become a major European reference for transnational and interdisciplinary networking in this policy area.
Participant Portal

Bando: Research for inclusive growth: addressing the socioeconomic effects of technological transformations
Data di apertura: 07/11/17 Data di Chiusura:  13/03/18
Programma: Societal Challenges Topic: TRANSFORMATIONS-01-2018
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single stage
Ambito: Technological transformations such as automation, robotisation and digitisation have profound socioeconomic effects. They create both opportunities and challenges for the future of work, employment and productivity. At the same time, they have an impact on welfare systems and social security, on the content of skills and their acquisition, on availability and type of jobs, on occupational health and safety, and on issues related to personal and social well-being and distributive fairness.
Proposals should comprehensively analyse, Europe-wide and comparatively, the effects of technological transformations on employment and labour markets. They should trace changes in the content of work and the new skills in demand. To this end, they should explore ways of measuring new skills and provide verifiable data of trusted quality. They should look at how education and training systems could be transformed in order to address evolutions in the content and organisation of work. Proposals should equally take stock of the rise of digital platforms and the platform economy in European countries and examine associated legal, social and economic challenges and prospects. Historical, comparative perspectives on how previous industrial revolutions impacted European societies should complement the analyses.
Participant Portal

Bando: Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAIA-01-2018-2019
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single stage
Ambito: ‘Advanced Communities’ are scientific communities whose research infrastructures show an advanced degree of coordination and networking at present, attained, in particular, through Integrating Activities awarded under FP7 or previous Horizon 2020 calls. An Integrating Activity will mobilise a comprehensive consortium of several key research infrastructures in a given field as well as other stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, technological partners, research institutions).
Funding will be provided to support, in particular, the trans-national and virtual access provided to researchers, the cooperation between research infrastructures, scientific communities, industry and other stakeholders, the improvement of the services the infrastructures provide, the harmonisation, optimisation and improvement of access procedures and interfaces.
Participant Portal

Bando: Policy and international cooperation measures for research infrastructures

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRASUPP-01-2018-2019
Tipologia: CSA & RIA Modello: single stage
Ambito CSA: Proposals will address one of the following sub-topics:

  1. ERIC network: a more formal and structural collaboration and coordination between ERICs would allow for a more effective approach and mutual benefit for addressing common hurdles.
  2. International visibility of European research infrastructures: organise thematic workshops and brokerage events to bring together the relevant European and international players (research infrastructures / funding agencies / Ministries); develop concrete tools which Research Infrastructures could use to improve their communication/outreach strategy.
  3. Catalogue of research infrastructure services: development of an on-line dynamic catalogue of relevant research infrastructure services at national and European levels.
  4. Support to ESFRI: support partnerships between policy makers, funding bodies and the scientific community in the context of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) to foster the priority setting and implementation of pan-European research infrastructures.
  5. Support to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) aiming to foster the integration of pan-European e-Infrastructures within the European Research Area.

Ambito RIA: The objective of this sub-topic is to support the development and installation of a dedicated beam-line in SESAME. The proposal should help strengthening the links to the European network of analytical facilities with particular reference to new synchrotrons currently under development.
Participant Portal

Bando: Individual support to ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRADEV-03-2018-2019
Tipologia: RIA Modello: single stage
Ambito: This topic targets the long-term sustainability of new research infrastructures, ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures of European Interest, with established governance and legal structure, notably on the basis of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). Support will be provided to activities aimed at ensuring long-term sustainability, including enlargement of the membership, European coverage, international cooperation, limited pilots of access provision for testing and improving user services to increase reliability and create trust, definition of service level agreements and business/funding plan, outreach, and technology transfer activities.
Participant Portal

Bando: Access to commercial services through the EOSC hub

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEOSC-01-2018
Tipologia: RIA Modello: single stage
Ambito: The action will cover the following activities:

  • research activities for understanding how various needs from researchers can be aggregated and the complementary commercial services required to maximise the impact of the tools already available in the EOSC catalogue of services which enable inter-disciplinary research;
  • technical integration of the complementary commercial services into the EOSC catalogue of services, including management of the access rights and establishment of appropriate legal agreements (contracts, service level agreements, etc.) that are necessary to make accessible the commercial services to the EOSC users; due consideration should be given to the use of open standards and interoperability of the services;
  • provision of access to the services through the EOSC catalogue of services.

Participant Portal

Bando: Connecting ESFRI infrastructures through Cluster projects

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEOSC-04-2018
Tipologia: RIA Modello: single stage
Ambito: This topic will ensure the connection of the research infrastructures identified in the ESFRI Roadmap to the EOSC. Support to this activity will be provided through cluster projects gathering ESFRI projects and landmarks. Proposals will address the stewardship of data handled by the involved research infrastructures according to the FAIR principles and in line with the objectives of Open Science. This will include the definition of domain specific data policies (e.g. acquisition, deposit, curation, preservation, access, sharing and re-use), addressing any legislative or interoperability issues which affect data handling across geographical and discipline borders, as well as the development of appropriate tools for depositing, curating and analysing data.
Participant Portal

Bando: Pan-European High Performance Computing infrastructure and services (PRACE)

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEDI-01-2018
Tipologia: RIA Modello: single stage
Ambito: The scope is to create a world-class pan-European High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure and to provide state-of-the-art services accessible by users independently of their location, by pooling, integrating and rationalising the HPC resources at EU level. The PRACE infrastructure should provide core and basic services in coordination with other e-infrastructure providers to promote interoperability and a seamless user experience. Interworking with other computing infrastructures such as clouds and grids should be ensured.
Participant Portal

Bando: HPC PPP – Centres of Excellence on HPC

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEDI-02-2018
Tipologia: RIA & CSA Modello: single stage
Ambito: This topic covers two interrelated and synergic areas:
(RIA) Supporting Centres of Excellence (CoE) that promote the use of upcoming exascale and extreme performance computing capabilities in areas where user communities in collaboration with other HPC stakeholders can develop or scale up existing parallel codes towards exascale and extreme scaling performance, resulting into tangible benefits for addressing scientific, industrial or societal challenges.
(CSA) Addressing the fragmentation of activities for excellence in HPC applications, and fostering the widening of the use of HPC codes in the EU, by establishing a focal point for the consulting skills and training available from the CoE, and from other HPC centres or organisations, including PRACE.
Participant Portal

Bando: Support to the governance of High Performance Computing Infrastructures

Data di apertura: 05/12/17 Data di Chiusura:  22/03/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEDI-03-2018
Tipologia: CSA Coordination and Support Action Modello: single stage
Ambito: The scope of this action is to support the governance of the High Performance Computing Infrastructures and the coordination of the relevant public and private stakeholders in order to obtain efficient governance for the implementation of the HPC infrastructures, and spreading of excellence on HPC and Big Data across Europe, increased awareness of European activities in the field.
Participant Portal

Bando: Support to the EOSC Governance

Data di apertura: 10/01/17 Data di Chiusura:  19/04/18
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRAEOSC-05-2018
Tipologia: CSA Modello: single stage
Ambito: The projects funded under this topic should establish clear links among themselves and with all relevant and EOSC related projects funded under previous and current Horizon 2020 Work Programmes, in order to collaborate and address potential synergies, overlaps and gaps in the overall service offering.
Proposals will address one of the following sub-topics:

  • Setup of an EOSC coordination structure
  • FAIR data uptake and compliance in all scientific communities – Coordination and Support actions

Participant Portal

Bando: COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology   
Data di Chiusura: 25/04/18
Programma: Cost Actions   

Tipologia: Trans-national cooperation Project Modello: open call
Ambito: COST funds pan-European, bottom-up networks of scientists and researchers across all science and technology fields. COST does not fund research itself, but provides support for networking activities carried out within COST Actions.
Proposals for a COST Action must represent a network of proposers from at least 5 COST countries. Selected proposals for COST Actions will get a financial support in the range of EUR 130.000 p.a., normally for four years, subject to available budget.
Cost Portal

Bandi scaduti


Bando: ERC – Synergy Grant

Data di apertura: 03/08/16 Data di Chiusura:  14/11/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: ERC-2018-SyG
Tipologia: ERC Synergy Grant Modello: single stage
Ambito: ERC Synergy Grants are intended to enable minimum two to maximum four Principal Investigators and their teams to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources in new ways, in order to jointly address ambitious research problems.
The aim is to promote substantial advances at the frontiers of knowledge, to cross-fertilize scientific fields, and to encourage new productive lines of enquiry and new methods and techniques, including unconventional approaches and investigations at the interface between established disciplines. This should enable transformative research not only at the forefront of European science but also to become a benchmark on a global scale.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: ERC – Starting Grant

Data di apertura: 03/08/16 Data di Chiusura:  17/10/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: ERC-2017-STG
Tipologia: ERC Starting Grant Modello: single stage
Ambito: ERC Starting Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are starting their own independent research team or programme. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal. Starting Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 1 500 000 for a period of 5 years.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Operating grants – Structural support for European think tanks and for civil society organisations at European level
Data di apertura: 01/09/17 Data di Chiusura:  18/10/17
Programma: Europe for Citizens Topic: EACEA 33/2017
Tipologia: Operating Grant Modello: single stage
Ambito: Gli obiettivi specifici del programma sono i seguenti:

— sensibilizzare alla memoria, alla storia e a i valori comuni, nonché alle finalità dell’Unione, vale a dire promuovere la pace, i suoi valori e il benessere dei suoi popoli stimolando il dibattito, la riflessione e lo sviluppo di reti (compo­nente 1);
— incoraggiare la partecipazione democratica e civica dei cittadini a livello di Unione, permettendo ai cittadini di com­prendere meglio il processo di elaborazione politica dell’Unione e creando condizioni propizie all’impegno sociale e interculturale e a l volontariato a livello di Unione (componente 2).
Il bilancio complessivo destinato al cofinanziamento di specifiche sovvenzioni di funzionamento annuali per il 2018 ammonta a 6,8 milioni di EUR. In particolare, 1,2 milioni di EUR sono stimati per la componente 1 e 5,6 milioni di EUR per la componente 2.

Bando: Europeana Research Grant
Data di apertura: 28/09/17 Data di Chiusura:  20/10/17
Programma: Europeana 
Tipologia: Research Grant Modello: single stage
Ambito: Individual research projects which make use of Europeana Collections content to showcase and explore the theme of intercultural dialogue. Applicants should employ state-of-the-art tools and methods in digital humanities to address a specific research question.
The call is meant for postgraduate or doctoral student, or an early career scholar in any field within the humanities, social sciences, archival or information sciences.
Funding is available for up to 8,000 euros per successful project. Up to three successful proposals will be funded.
Call Page

Bando: Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe

Data di Chiusura:  24/10/17
Programma: HERA JPI PS
Tipologia: Collaborative Research Projects Modello: two-steps
Ambito: The HERA JRP PS wants to mobilize the wide range of multi-disciplinary perspectives necessary to understanding the relationships between “public space”, culture and other phenomena, such as e.g. European integration. The research is expected to give new insights that promote the full potential of citizens’ engagement with European public and cultural spaces; to stimulate public, political and scholarly debate about the future prospects of European integration, and to study new modes of interactive and reciprocal engagement between academics and various types of stakeholders including those working in the media, creative industries, and heritage sectors, as they have proved to be the true vehicles of European integration. The challenge for research is to identify how the relations between culture and integration within the context of public space(s) have been modelled and how they can be better understood in order to contribute to a better world.
Collaborative Research Projects proposals can be submitted by balanced consortia involving four or more Principal Investigators eligible to HERA JRP PS funders from four or more different countries.
Each CRP proposal can apply for research funding up to a maximum amount of 1 M€ (across all partners), should be between 24 and 36 months in duration and should commence by May 2019. All research teams will be urged to include non-academic stakeholders as associate partners in their consortiums.
Call Page

Bando: FET-Open research and innovation actions
Data di apertura: 08/12/15 Data di Chiusura: 27/09/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: FETOPEN-01-2016-2017
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: multiple cut-off
Ambito: This topic supports the early stages of research to establish a new technological possibility. Proposals are sought for collaborative research with all of the following characteristics:

  • Long-term vision: the research proposed must address a new and radical long-term vision of a science- and technology-enabled future that is far beyond the state of the art and not currently foreseen by technology roadmaps.
  • Breakthrough scientific and technological target: research must target a scientifically ambitious and technologically concrete breakthrough, argued to be a crucial step towards achieving the long-term vision. The plausibility of the proposed breakthrough(s) to be attained within the life-time of the project must be argued in the proposal.
  • Novelty: the research proposed for achieving the breakthrough must be based on cutting-edge knowledge, new ideas and concepts, rather than in the mere application or incremental refinement of existing ones.
  • Foundational: the breakthroughs that are envisaged must be foundational in the sense that, if achieved, they would establish an essential basis for a new kind of technology and its future uses, not currently anticipated.
  • High-risk: the inherently high risk of the research proposed will be reflected in a flexible but effective methodology for exploring alternative directions and options, supported by open and agile research and innovation practices.
  • Interdisciplinary: the proposed collaborations are expected to go beyond ‘waterfall’ configurations in multi-disciplinary science- and technology research. Instead they should seek new solutions through genuine exchanges, mutual learning, cross-fertilisation and synergistic advances among distant disciplines in order to open unexplored areas of investigation and new directions for joint research.

Participant Portal Page

Bando: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action – Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes

Data di apertura: 05/04/17 Data di Chiusura: 28/09/2017
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: MSCA-COFUND-2017
Tipologia: MSCA-COFUND-DP Doctoral programmes , MSCA-COFUND-FP Fellowship programmes Modello: single-stage
Ambito: The COFUND scheme aims to stimulate regional, national or international programmes to foster excellence in researchers’ training, mobility and career development, spreading the best practices of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. This will be achieved by co-funding new or existing regional, national, and international programmes to open up to, and provide for, international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary research training, as well as transnational and cross-sectoral mobility of researchers at all stages of their career.
Applicants submit multi-annual proposals for new or existing doctoral programmes or fellowship programmes which are expected to have an impact on enhancing research- and innovation related human resources on regional, national or international level.
COFUND takes the form of:
A) Doctoral programmes
B) Fellowship programmes
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action – Individual Fellowship

Data di apertura: 11/04/17 Data di Chiusura: 14/09/2017
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: MSCA-IF-2017
Tipologia: MSCA-IF-EF-CAR CAR Career Restart panel , MSCA-IF-EF-RI RI Reintegration panel , MSCA-IF-EF-SE Society and Enterprise panel , MSCA-IF-EF-ST Standard EF , MSCA-IF-GF Global Fellowships Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Support is foreseen for individual, trans-national fellowships awarded to the best or most promising researchers of any nationality, for employment in EU Member States or Associated Countries. It is based on an application made jointly by the researcher and the beneficiary in the academic or non-academic sectors. Researchers receiving an Individual Fellowship may opt to include a secondment phase in Europe, notably in the non-academic sector, within the overall duration of their fellowship.
A Career Development Plan should be established jointly by the supervisor(s) and the researcher. In addition to research or innovation objectives, this plan comprises the researcher’s training and career needs, including training on transferable skills, planning for publications and participation in conferences.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: ERC – Advanced Grants
Data di apertura: 16/05/17 Data di Chiusura: 31/08/ 2017 
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: ERC-2017-ADG
Tipologia: ERC Advanced Grant Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal. Advanced Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 2 500 000 for a period of 5 years. The maximum award is reduced pro rata temporis for projects of a shorter duration.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: ERC – Proof of Concept 
Data di apertura: 05/10/16 Data di Chiusura: 05 September 2017
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: ERC-2017-PoC
Tipologia: Proof of Concept Grant Modello: multiple cut-off
Ambito: The ERC Proof of Concept Grants aim to maximise the value of the excellent research that the ERC funds, by funding further work (i.e. activities which were not scheduled to be funded by the original ERC frontier research grant) to verify the innovation potential of ideas arising from ERC funded projects. Proof of Concept Grants are therefore on offer only to Principal Investigators whose proposals draw substantially on their ERC funded research. The financial contribution will be up to a maximum of EUR 150 000 for a period of 18 months.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Dottorati Innovativi con caratterizzazione industriale
Data di apertura: 05/06/17 Data di Chiusura: 07/09/ 2017 
Programma: PON Ricerca e Innovazione
Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Il bando fa rifermento  all’attuazione delle misure del PON Ricerca e Innovazione 2014-2020 – Asse I “Investimenti in capitale umano”. Il provvedimento, perfettamente correlato alla programmazione degli atenei  per i bandi dei corsi di dottorato XXXIII ciclo, è rivolto alle Università statali e non statali riconosciute dal MIUR  con sede amministrativa e operativa nelle Regioni in ritardo di sviluppo (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia e Sicilia) e nelle Regioni in transizione (Abruzzo, Molise, Sardegna). Le Università, in possesso dei requisiti indicati dal bando, possono presentare proposte progettuali con relativa domanda di finanziamento per richiedere l’attivazione di percorsi di dottorato di ricerca innovativo con caratterizzazione industriale  per l’anno accademico 2017/2018 per la frequenza di percorsi da svolgersi obbligatoriamente anche all’estero e presso le imprese.  L’intervento prevede il finanziamento di borse di dottorato di durata triennale cofinanziate dal Fondo Sociale Europeo (FSE) per un valore complessivo di 42 milioni di euro.
Programme Page


Bando: Interreg Europe – Third callData di apertura: 01/03/17 Data di Chiusura: 30/06/2017
Programma: European Regional Development Funds
Modello: single-stage
Ambito: The Interreg Europe programme is divided into four priority axes related to the Europe 2020 strategy:

  • Strengthening research, technological development and innovation
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs
  • Supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors
  • Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

This is a call for proposals for interregional cooperation projects. An interregional cooperation project is a project in which partners from at least three different countries work together on a shared regional policy issue by exchanging their experiences and practices in order to integrate the lessons learnt from this cooperation into their policies. It builds on the experience of the participating regions and focuses on the identification, analysis and transfer of good practices and policy experiences among these regions.
Project Page

Bando: Public Cultural Heritage
Data di apertura: 22/02/17 Data di Chiusura: 15/04/2017
Programma: Dariah Theme 2017
Tipologia: Event
Modello: single stage
Ambito: The 2017 DARIAH Theme seeks to bring cultural heritage institutions and researchers together in order to explore a variety of possible issues related to the expression of attribution and licenses, technical formats and recommendations for facilitating re-use, dissemination and hosting, etc. Such events could contribute to enriching the data re-use charter itself with additional or more precise features, but may also address the issues at the heart of the charter with out directly engaging with it.
DARIAH invite proposals from Partners to organise events to explore this Cultural Heritage and Humanities Research theme and related topics. Theme events should examine relationships between researchers and cultural heritage institutions. This call will support DARIAH actions regarding the Data Re-use Charter and could cover technical (formats), editorial (researchers ‘contributions, crowd sourcing, etc.) social and of course legal aspects.
The total budget is €45,000 for 2017 and up to 5 initiatives are expected to be financed. Grant holders will be expected to present the results of their work at the DARIAH annual events.
DARIAH Theme call

Bando: Ageing and Place in a digitising world
Data di apertura: 13/01/17 Data di Chiusura: 03/04/17
Programma: JPI More Years Better
Tipologia: Joint Transnational Call  Modello: single-stage
Ambito: This call is concerned with the ways in which the health and wellbeing of older people, at all stages of later life, is supported and promoted through the design of the social and physical environment, access to opportunities to learn, and the use of technologies of all kinds.

Each application shall address the topic of Technology. Issues that might be explored might include:
a) The way older people perceive the relationships between their lives, environments, learning and technologies, including the role of paid and unpaid work, can be used when implementing new solutions and new infrastructure in
elderly care;
b) The implications of demographic change for the future aspirations, needs, and consumption patterns of older people;
c) How emerging technologies, such as exoskeletons and social robotics, etc.,
can be introduced to alter homes and places, how older people actually use (or do not use) them, and how these technologies reshape roles and responsibilities in wellbeing and care;
d) Strategies for supporting older persons learning in all its forms;
e) Strategies for user involvement of the older in the design of
social and physical environment and technologies;
f) A richer vision of a creative and active later life with technology as a bas
is for new design methodologies;
g) The social, economic, health, cultural and political implications of particular scientific and technological innovations, current and past;
h) The potential of technology and learning to enhance the effectiveness of health services and systems;
i) The development of organizational strategies and adaptive assistive technologies for securing the quality of life of older people, including t
he employability of older workers;
j) Insights about the needs and requirements of local authorities for supporting and enhancing the implementation of new technologies and new management systems in elderly care, e.g. necessary decisions at municipality level to create the best possible environment for elderly care, or what stakeholders have been involved in successful elderly care developments.

JPI Page

Bando: Design Studies
Data di apertura: 08/12/16 Data di Chiusura: 29/03/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: INFRADEV-01-2017
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Design studies lead to a ‘conceptual design report’ showing the maturity of the concept and forming the basis for identifying and constructing the next generation of Europe’s and the world’s leading research infrastructures.
Conceptual design reports will present major choices for design alternatives and associated cost ranges, both in terms of their strategic relevance for meeting today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges, and (where applicable) in terms of the technical work underpinning the development of new or upgraded research infrastructures of European interest. All fields of science are considered.
The activities to be performed in a Design Study proposal include both:
Scientific and technical work, i.e. (1) the drafting of concepts, architecture and engineering plans for the construction, taking into due account resource efficiency and environmental impacts, as well as, when relevant, the creation of prototypes; (2) scientific and technical work to ensure that the scientific user communities exploit the new facility from the start with the highest efficiency.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Data and Distributed Computing e-infrastructures for Open Science

Data di apertura: 08/12/16 Data di Chiusura: 29/03/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: EINFRA-12-2017
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Proposals will address part (a) or (b):
(a) Secure and agile data and distributed computing e-infrastructures.
The operation of a federated European data and distributed computing infrastructure for research and education communities will optimise the access to IT equipment and services and will put all European researchers and educators in equal footing to access essential resources to express their talent and creativity. The open nature of the infrastructure will allow scientists, educators and students to improve the service quality by interacting with data, software and computing resources. It will increase the incentives for scientific discovery and collaboration across disciplinary and geographical boundaries, putting Europe in the driving seat at global level.
(b) Access and preservation platforms for scientific information education. A reliable operation of e-infrastructure services for access and preservation of scientific information will make the intellectual capital of Europe available to researchers, business and citizens at large.
Participant Portal Page

Bando: Platform-driven e-infrastructure innovation
Data di apertura: 08/12/16 Data di Chiusura: 29/03/17
Programma: Excellent Science Topic: EINFRA-21-2017
Tipologia: RIA Research and Innovation action Modello: single-stage
Ambito: Prepare the capacity required to future generations of e-infrastructure is the key challenge.
Proposals will address only one of the points below:
1. Universal discoverability of data objects and provenance.
2. Computing e-infrastructure with extreme large datasets.
Participant Portal Page